Branden Snyder on Lavonia Perryman Show

Our Executive Director, Branden Snyder, was on 910am Superstation this evening talking about what it takes to create a Black Agenda. There are many policy reforms that we can take now, here in Detroit, Michigan, that can create economic justice for Black people. We don't even have to look too far away - our friends in Jackson, Mississippi at Cooperation Jackson have launched many of these innovative ideas just by "seizing the land".

One thing it definitely takes is people. We’re building a people-powered organization that’ll fight for good schools, good jobs and safe neighborhoods for ALL Detroiters - especially people of color.

If you’re interested, join our movement today:

Peoples Climate Movement Launches Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice September 8th

Peoples climate movement calls on everyone to “Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice” at marches and events across the country on September 8th.

WASHINGTON - On Thursday, May 24, the Peoples Climate Movement held a telepresser to launch the “Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice September 8th” mobilization. On September 8th, four days before the start of the Global Climate Action Summit and two months before the midterm elections, people from across the country and around the world will take to the streets to demand bold action on climate change.  At GCAS, mayors, governors, and CEOs from the US and beyond are expected to announce plans to make further emissions cuts a part of global efforts to combat climate change. Communities are calling on these leaders to ramp up their ambitions.

The Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice September 8th mobilization builds upon a year of strategic movement building in a set of states that will energize local, state, and national efforts and lay the foundation for a long-lasting, sustainable climate movement.

Last year, as the Trump Administration rolled back climate and health policies, along with many others, more than 200,000 people marched in the streets of Washington D.C. in resistance. At the same time, we saw hundreds of local elected officials make verbal commitments to climate action. This year, the Peoples Climate Movement aims to transform the energy of resistance into action by calling on leaders and elected officials to invest in real solutions to the climate crisis that prioritize the most impacted and vulnerable of our communities, like a massive, just transition to a 100% renewable economy that ensures safe and healthy communities, the right to organize for all workers, and millions of family-sustaining jobs

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New Executive Director, Branden Snyder


Dear Friends,

I am excited to write to you as the new Executive Director for Good Jobs Now. I am excited to carry on the rich legacy of fighting for an equitable Detroit that was created by my predecessors at GJN. Our organization has a special role in the movement for economic justice in Michigan and we've got a lot of work to do here in Detroit to continue that fight.

I believe that the 2016 elections not only changed the political landscape of our country moving forward, but showed us in Detroit that we cannot take any votes for granted. Instead, civic engagement must be year round and must be about the issues that we care about in our neighborhoods. No longer can we afford to have a city that only works for billionaires. We have to fight to close the chapter on our "Tale of Two Detroits". To create the type of change that we need, we must build an unprecedented amount of power - political and economic - that can strengthen our fight at the Coleman A. Young Building, in Lansing or in Washington, D.C. To build that power, we'll continue the work of recruiting and training candidates, mobilizing our base and fighting for issues that matter to us. We'll continue to bring neighborhood leaders together with labor leaders, bring the working poor together with the middle class, and bring adults together with youth all while centering the leadership of people of color.

I am honored to be the new Executive Director of GJN and look forward to working with you!

In Solidarity,

Branden Snyder

Service Union Plans Big Push to Turn Midwest Political Tide

NY TImes

"Good Jobs Now" was featured in a write up in the New York Times on August 24th 2017.

"The S.E.I.U. conducted a pilot project during the 2016 campaign in which it canvassed groups of voters largely in two heavily African-American wards of Detroit using a small-scale version of the campaign it plans for the year ahead.

Over all, about 62 percent of voters the union talked to during the pilot project cast ballots in the presidential election, versus turnout of about 38 percent of voters who it did not talk to, according to data provided by the union.

Applying the same percentage to all of Detroit’s voters would have produced about 40,000 more total votes in 2016, an amount that would have almost certainly secured the state for Mrs. Clinton."

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