Building Power for and by People of Color in Detroit

We're fighting for economic justice for all Detroiters now!

Detroit is one of the most politically and economically marginalized communities in the country. Not only has Michigan battled tough economic challenges, but Detroit has faced some of most challenging conditions in the country, including its recent bankruptcy and period of suspended democracy under an Emergency Manager. The city's poverty and unemployment rates are more than double the national averages, last year the city faced the largest number of tax foreclosures in U.S. history, and the educational system is one of the worst in the country. To make matters worse, people of color and native Detroiters have largely been left out of Detroit's recent "resurgence". Without key political changes affecting living wages, affordable housing, and better educational opportunities, Detroiters will continue to suffer. It's time to build power in our neighborhoods to create economic opportunity for low-income Detroiter now! 

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