Power in the Precinct: Precinct Delegate Leadership Program

Local, state and national elections are won (and lost) at the precinct level. Comprised of a few hundred people in a neighborhood, precincts can be a powerful organizing tool for creating change in Detroit. Imagine if grassroots leaders in neighborhoods across the city began fighting for economic and social justice by registering, educating and turning out voters on their block. Or by holding elected officials accountable for decisions that impacted their neighborhood.

That's why we're recruiting, training, and mobilizing Precinct Delegates across the city to step up in their neighborhoods. We're building a pipeline of new grassroots leaders who will fight for their communities and build power in advance of the 2016 and 2017 elections. 

What does a Precinct Delegate do exactly? Great question. Here are just a few ways that Good Jobs Now Precinct Delegates will lead: 

- Registering new voters 
- Educating and mobilizing existing voters 
- Hosting one to ones, community meetings, and house parties to learn about issues impacting their neighborhood 
- Identifying, recruiting, and training new grassroots leaders

Meet our 2016 Candidates: 

Anthony Adegoyega

Antionette Bailey-Craft 

Natalie Bien-Aime 

Jeanean Bryant 

Jade Chance 




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