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Last night, Good Jobs Now leaders stood in solidarity with the family of Kevin Matthews, an unarmed black man who was killed by a Dearborn police officer just days before Christmas, and activists from across the city to demand justice for Kevin. In the weeks since the shooting the officer responsible has not been brought to justice and no details about the investigation (now being led by Detroit Police) have been released.

Unfortunately, the Dearborn Police Department has a long history of unfair treatment of blacks:

- More than half of the people Dearborn police arrested in 2011 and 2012 were black - yet only 4% of Dearborn residents are black [1].

- Over those two years, Dearborn Police reported arresting 4,500 black people – 500 more than lived in the city

- The arrest rate for black people is 26 times higher than for people of other races, one of the highest racial gaps in the U.S.

Enough is enough. Until black people are treated with dignity and respect and the officer responsible for Matthews' death is brought to justice - we stand with local leaders in calling for a boycott of all Dearborn businesses.

As we've seen in countless other cases across the country, it all comes down to economics. Let’s put our money where our mouths are and take our business elsewhere.

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Thanks for speaking out.


Rebecca & the Good Jobs Now team



1.Racial Gap in US Arrest Rates: Staggering Disparity, USA Today, November 19, 2014

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    Sign the petition: No Ju$tice. No Dollar$
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    Sign the petition: No Ju$tice. No Dollar$ Please read and support! We must stand with one another!
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