Good Jobs Now is building power in one of the nation’s most politically and economically marginalized communities. Detroit has faced some of the most challenging conditions in the country including its recent bankruptcy and period of suspended democracy under an Emergency Manager and people of color have been largely left out of Detroit’s recent “resurgence.” Building the power necessary to create opportunity for workers, families, and neighborhoods in Detroit is more important now than ever before.

Priority campaign issues include:

  • Minimum Wage 
  • Equal Pay 
  • Wage Theft 
  • Fair & Predictive Scheduling 
  • Ban the Box 
  • Community Benefits Agreements 
  • High Quality & Affordable Childcare 
  • Earned Sick Days 

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  • commented 2017-04-28 05:29:31 -0500
    economy should be good for any country if you look at the stock exchange you can find what we have to offer to other countries and our import export is our back bone

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